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Chew resistant dog bed (Crate pad)

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chew proof bed size

Never worry about destroyed dog bed again

There is nothing more anxious than finding that your dog destroyed his brand new bed. Now with Indestructible dog crate pad, forget about your pets destructive behaviour. Made of military grade resistant Cordura fabric that will hold up your dogs toughest chewing, scratching and digging. Water, hair, and dirt resistant beds are designed to last a lifetime.

  • Indestructible military grade Cordura fabric (chew and bite resistant)
  • Orthopedic and comfortable
  • 100% Water, hair resistant

indestructible unchewable dog bed

“Love the durability. Barney has been left in his crate probably 4 times since we’ve received the pad and he has not chewed it to pieces!”

tough, chew and scratch proof dog bed



Made of durable but comfortable orthopedic materials to last. Even the most picky dogs will love our Indestructible bed. The natural calming dogs bed texture will provide calm rest to your pet. Good sleep means good behaviour!

chew resistant indestructible dog bed


Chewers dog beds built to last. Cordura synthetic material has high tensile strength fibers and will withstand long term chew, bite, dig, scratch and wear. It’s highly abrasive and in most cases extremely water repellent. This means Cordura fabrics are amazing for indestructible dog beds.

chew proof dog bed

indestructible dog bed


best dog bed for chewers


indestructible dog beds chew proof

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Many dogs at animal shelter don’t have an opportunity to sleep on soft dog crate, they have to deal with hard floors. Every purchased indestructible dog bed means we are donating a dog bed to animal shelter. Together we can make things better.

chew resistant dog bed


chewwers indestructible dog bed


  1. Tracey A.

    chew proof dog crate pad
    Chewers indestructible bed seems to be the answer to our dog bed-chewing problem! Our Pit chewed up & destroyed three different beds in his crate. He chews things outside the crate too. Decided to try this crate bed spend after doing A LOT of research & reading MANY reviews. So glad I did!! He’s had it now for three weeks and not a single bite, scratch, tear, etc. Must be comfortable too since he often chooses to go in & lie down in his crate even when we are home. This pad fit his crate perfectly too. Overall I highly recommend and would buy again!!

  2. Marra V.

    indestructible dog bed
    My dog is five years old and has never liked dog beds (till now): He either had to be coaxed, over and over, to use a dog bed or he tried to hump it/swing it around, creating much chaos. But my vet told me he needed to lie on something soft because he was developing sores on his elbows and because his breed (Golden Retriever) was prone to hip dysplasia. … All to say, it is an understatement to say that I am incredibly relieved to have finally found a bed that he will lie on

  3. Daniel J.

    dog bed for heavy chewers
    Bought this tough bed about a month ago and so far, our bulldog hasn’t been able to tear it up yet. Fits perfectly in his large crate. Very durable and easy to clean and vacuum hair off. I hope this one will last a lot longer than the other ones in the past.

  4. Katherine M.

    chew scratch proof dog bed
    WOW! It arrived SUPER FAST!!! and looks very comfy. My dog is a digger and a chewer. Hoping chewers dog bed will stand up to his teeth. So far so good.. I was very impressed with their delivery time. I have 100% confidence with this company.

  5. Richard H.

    dog bed heavy chewers
    8 month old “Maxine” my baby boxer loves to chew and scratch. She’s almost 50 lbs. she can’t penetrate this thing!! Love it. She needed a soft pad because she destroyed blankets and towels. I couldn’t leave her on the hard plastic crate floor. So happy now that she’s comfortable.

  6. Ronna M.

    indestructible dog bed chew proof
    We’ve purchased no fewer that half a dozen mats, beds and cushions for our German Shepard. I’m afraid to add up how much we’ve spent

    This chewers indestructible pad is THE FIRST thing our dog hasn’t been able to chew through, scratch through or rip up.

    Wish I’d found your website sooner!

  7. Nick S.

    tough dog crate bed for chewers
    Pugsley is a Puggle. Part pug part bagel. He’s very friendly, very happy. I have gave through many chew toys, and about 4 crate mats over his short 2 years. So far this is the mat of my dreams. From the time I unpacked it I could see the great quality and workmanship. He sleeps like a puppy and so do I. Thank you. Great product!!!

  8. Laura D.

    unchewable dog bed for heavy chewers
    My yellow lab puppy loves it! It’s scratch proof and chew proof so far. We’ve had it for almost a month. It’s easy to wipe down too! Perfect dog bed for chewers

  9. Donna Y.

    non chewable dog pad for crate
    She was never a chewer until this bed came. Now my male German short haired pointer has had his bed for 2 years, doesn’t chew it. He was the one I was worried about.

  10. Denise G.

    chew proof dog bed
    Had this tough bed for about a week. We love it so far! It has a good amount of cushion, fits perfectly in our crate, basically wipes clean. So far it’s chew proof dog bed

  11. Theresa W.

    indestructible dog bed
    This bed is amazing. Our puppy hasn’t been able to chewed thru it once. It’s soft for her and she loves it so much she lays on it all the time. Best money I have ever spent for my dog. Indestructible dog bed

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